Define your brand in 6 easy steps

Thursday, February 11th, 2021

When you want to start a business, a billion questions can cross your mind and act as roadblocks in your journey. Here is one of them and a few steps to help you answer it.

“How do I define my brand?”

Defining your brand is an important step to get your business started. It is your opportunity to differentiate and position your company so that it looks like you and reflects your values.

Here are 6 steps to help you define an identity for your business. 

1. It’s all about personality

Brand adjectives define your brand personality. Think of it this way : if your brand was a person, how would you describe it? 

2. Write a list

Need a special trick to get started? Set a 2 minutes timer and write ALL the words that come to your mind when you think of your brand. 

3. Add more to your list

I created a list of adjectives that you can download to help you enrich yours. Circle all the adjectives that feel relevant to your brand.

4. Ask around

Enrich your list even more by asking your friends, mentor, business BFF, family… Ask them which adjectives come to their mind when they think of your products/services (and hopefully they are nice words…).

5. Categorise them

Try to group them in 4 or 5 categories. 

6. Finalise

Write a few sentences using an adjective from each category. Write it as you were talking about a person. Select the one that resonates the most with you.

For example :

I am knowledgeable, warm, kind, approachable.

Don’t use more than 5 !

Up to you now!!

Feel free to let us know about your experience and to share your brand identity with us!

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