How to set up your goals (and reach them)

Thursday, February 11th, 2021

We can all relate to this : December hits and every day leading to the 31st of December is filled with all these questions : “Do I actually want to go out for NYE?”, “What am I going to wear?”, “What should we cook?”… to finally get to the sempiternal statement “This year went by so fast! What did I actually accomplish?” and think to yourself that you haven’t done enough and that this new year is your opportunity to start fresh. This time you’ll be READY. “Let’s make a list”.

And there you go, sitting behind your desk, listing all the things you want to accomplish… We all know how it will end, right? You start January full of hopes and motivation for the year to come, and the closer you get to Feb, the faster you forget about it all.

But why? 

Because you weren’t aligned within yourself. Because you didn’t set your goals with intention.

That’s why I want to share how I set my goals, hoping it might help you setting yours. I created this workbook to guide you through the process.

1. Retrospective

2. Set SMARTER goals

3. Plan it

Don’t wait until the 31st of December to work on your goals. Constantly assess yourself and if you don’t like how you feel, make a plan and change it now! 

Assessing your progress only once a year isn’t going to get you as far as you could go. If you assess yourself daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, then you never stop progressing.

Goals, big and small can help you feel like you are in control and lead to a happier life. To help you set your goals properly and ACHIEVE them, don’t hesitate to download my free guide :

Good luck !

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