Can I do SEO on Instagram ?

Friday, April 30th, 2021

Most people see Instagram as an aesthetic platform, perfect to showcase pictures of your work, products, accommodation services or travel experiences.
While it’s totally correct to see Instagram that way, we often forget that, yes, Instagram also works like a small search engine.

Instagram is constantly evolving and the idea behind this wonderful application isn’t anymore ONLY to display a nice gallery, its goal is ALSO to bring value to its users.

After spending lots of time creating valuable content for your ideal customer, how frustrating would it be if it doesn’t reach your audience?

Here are a few tips to optimise your account and make sure you do everything you can to be seen on Instagram :

  1. Your account name and description

Do not just write your actual name, especially if it already appears in your user name. Indicate your occupation title for example, or think of a keyword you want to rank for. It’s one of the first ways to come up in an Instagram search. 

Your bio should also contain keywords related to your business and can include clickable hashtags that will help your account to appear in search results but also hashtag search.

1 – Your name as to contain searchable keywords. 2 – Enable the category of the business linked to your job title or field to show up. 3 – Unique value proposition what do you do for your clients. 4 – Credibility marker or fun fact about you, value of your brand. 5 – Call to action. 6 – Link to your website or linktree or anywhere you want to create traffic.

  1. Hashtags and captions

We all know hashtags, but do we always use them correctly? Look at the middle range hashtags, location hashtags and a few very niche ones.

Here is a bit of a process to help you optimise your hashtag research :

  • Make a list of hashtags for your niche and your buckets, so that you can reach your target market.
  • Make a list of words that are linked to your brand, values, mission and use them in your captions.
  • Your caption doesn’t have to be long, but it has to be in line with your post and with your brand and business.

So underrated or even unknown, alt text is actually a very powerful tool for your SEO. While alt text was initially developed for people with a visual impairment using Instagram, it can also help your SEO.

“Ok, but how do I do that?”

Here are 4 easy steps to use alt text to improve your SEO on Instagram before posting :

  • Add your image as usual
  • Go to advanced settings
  • Write your alt text : write information about the image you are about to post. Specify if it is a photo, a text on a coloured background,… If it’s an image, describe what it looks like. If it’s a text, write about the text.
  • Post!

So, yes, you can definitely do SEO on Instagram. Actually, not only you can, but you should!  

Let us know what you think of our tips and don’t hesitate to share your results with us.

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