Take the leap of Faith with Sean Frayne

Friday, May 21st, 2021

On the edge… 
Haven’t we all been there at some point?

Whether it is to quit a toxic relationship, a job we hate, start the business we have been thinking of for months and even years, OR finally bring all our focus onto our creative career, we can all relate to that feeling.

When that moment comes, there are so many questions, doubts, thoughts going into our mind. And it all comes to one thing: belief. Are you ready to take that bet on yourself, your idea, are you ready to take the leap of faith?

To understand this process better, I interviewed Sean Frayne, singer-songwriter from Dublin, based in Melbourne. He took the leap of faith to focus on his music. 

A bit of background

Sean grew up in Dublin and started music at about 8. He was lead singer in a couple of bands in high school. 

When the time came to choose what to do at uni, Sean decided to take a different direction and started to study Fine Art. He finished university, became a designer and pursued that career for 15 years… Meanwhile, music was still there, niggling in the background. 

Three years ago, Sean decided to give it a renewed focus, sit down and work on it properly.

I asked him about his journey, the process he followed, the doubts he encountered and finally the relief of doing what he loves and being in line with himself.

Despite loving his job, working with great people, mentoring juniors, there was something about music that really appealed to him. 

Taking the leap

Of course, like all of us, before taking the plunge, lots of questions and doubt crossed his mind. “Am I good enough?”, “is that crazy?”, “how am I going to support myself financially?”… and well, you can’t find out if you don’t do it.

Actually having a plan, short and long term goals and taking your idea seriously definitely help starting out.

Learn to live with self-doubt

Three years after starting his music career, are these questions still in his head?
For sure. It is something that never goes away really. You need to try to switch off that voice that makes you doubt yourself. Just go for it and once it’s done, take a step back and look at it with a critical eye and decide later. Being critical during the creative process is not helpful.

Grow, grow, grow

And are there new questions? Yes and questioning yourself is actually a good thing as long as it’s in a positive approach. Along the way, you will need to learn new skills and your business, whatever it is, will always involve learning and growing. Sean’s experience proved this right as he realised that when you want to make music, you also have to make sure people will hear it. That’s why, in his journey, a lot of marketing is involved and keeps him on his toes. 

Look back with no regrets

If you are thinking of starting a music career, as per Sean’s advice, have a plan, focus on your songs and more importantly, just go for it! What’s the worth that can happen? Try, and make sure you don’t have to regret anything when you look back.

If you want to learn from Sean’s experience, you can find his interview here :

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