Listen to your GUT

Wednesday, May 26th, 2021

Gut instinct or intuition, is your immediate understanding of a situation – you just know. Listening to it helps you avoid bad situations or unhealthy relationships. You need to learn to take it seriously, because most of the time, it’s right!

As being authentic and aligned are the values I stand for, I wanted to share some tips with you, to help you believe in yourself and your intuition.

When it’s a good thing to get people’s opinions about a new opportunity, something you want to try or an idea you have, it is sometimes still better to listen to your instinct.

To better understand  what I am trying to say, I am going to share with you something that happened to me recently.

The opportunity

I came across an opportunity and right at the start, I felt that something was wrong, I could feel there was a vibe there that was not aligned with who I am. I asked for advice from people around me and most people just told me to give it a go, that I can’t always do things that are 100% in line with me and my values. To be honest, that advice was very pragmatic, sometimes you have to try. So I went on with that opportunity.

Well, it didn’t go very well. I was miserable.  If you know me, you know how much I love my job. Still, I was drained and struggling to start my day working, and I had that knot in my stomach everytime I was receiving an email. I was completely stressed out, I couldn’t sleep and it actually gave me a flare-up of my auto immune condition.

That’s when I knew that I couldn’t go ahead with that opportunity.

Being authentic and aligned are the values I stand for and want to build my business around. And I was there, miserable, not aligned, not authentic, not walking the talk.

It was not a good fit and I had to show up with integrity, be honest and follow what felt right. I cancelled the project, fully refunded the client and re assessed myself, my goals, my values and I promised myself to remember to listen to my gut. It will definitely let me know when something isn’t right, whether I want to listen or not.

We are so busy overthinking, obsessed with seeing success and greatness in others that we forget our own greatness, our own vision, our own instinct. We are dimming it.

What to learn from it

Surround yourself with people you admire and want to live up to, yes. But it doesn’t mean that what applies to them applies to you. It means, be in their high vibes! Be inspired by them, by their drive, their values, their goals.

But remember we are all different, we see life differently, we feel differently. 

Sometimes you have to take a step back and really ask yourself when you decide to listen or do something, 

“is it because it feels good to me, or because I value that person’s opinion?”

1. What’s your instinct saying?

You need to listen to what your gut is telling you. Most of the time, it’s right.

Next time you are in front of a decision-making situation and hear advice from others, ask yourself:

  • Does it apply to me?
  • If I follow that advice, how will that really make me feel?
  • Does it follow my values? My business values? Does it sound “like me”?

2. Be you

Being you is what makes you unique, it is the reason why people will choose you instead of someone else. We can spend so much time comparing ourselves to others in our industry, and to an extent, try to do the same thing, but all of that just won’t feel right to you and it also won’t feel right to the people watching and listening to you.

It is good to benchmark and study competitors but if you spend all your time watching others build their business, dissecting their offer, their strategy, their contents etc, you are not giving yourself the space to be creative! to think out of the box, to let your genius and your personality shine to create something unique that is in alignment with who you are and what you know. 


Building a life and a business that feels right to you is the most important thing ever.

Have faith in your instinct and remember : being you is what makes you unique, it is the reason why people will choose you instead of someone else. Listen to your gut and watch the magic happen…

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Listen to your GUT

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