Reasons why your close circle might not support your business and how to deal with it

Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

If you talk to entrepreneurs and ask them about their relationship with their close circle, they will most likely tell you about what they hear from them since they’re working for themselves :
“Why don’t you just find a real job?”, “Why are you always working so much?”…
Yes, as entrepreneurs, we all heard that and felt misunderstood and unsupported. Your friends and families may not be trying to be unsupportive, they may simply not have the right words to express how they feel about it. 
There could also be other reasons…

Lack of understanding

Do not forget that most people don’t understand the behind the scenes of having a business to grow and run. They won’t understand your work life and might blame you for working on weekends.


Starting a business also means facing multiple risks. And your close ones might be scared about it.


In some situations, people might see your success as a failure for them. By comparing themselves to you, they can feel envious towards your achievements. But… it’s up to them to feel what they feel and it’s up to you to ask yourself if they are the people you want to be surrounded by. 

How to deal with it

Remember that communication is key and sometimes, a misunderstanding leads to high frustration, for both sides. So, just talk about it and make sure people you care about understand.

Whether you are already in this negative spiral or before you reach that point, this episode is designed to help you find solutions and continue to live your entrepreneurship journey with a good mental state.


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