“How to push your limits” with Nick Cusseneers, Ultra Runner

Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

Have you ever decided to take on a hobby, start a new business, a new diet, a new sport routine ? Surely. We all do that. And we do well for a few days, maybe a few weeks and then… without even realising, we just give up. No matter how much we actually want to stick to it, we don’t.

“How can I actually take on something new and stick to it once and for all?”

Well you probably first need to really like what you are starting, almost being obsessed with it. But, is that enough?
To try to find some answers, I interviewed Nick, ultra runner.

If you are into running, you will definitely love this episode. And well if you don’t run, you will still love his story and how inspiring his experience is to anyone who’s trying to push themselves outside of their comfort zone.

Killing time

Nick started his career as an engineer and was living by himself in a small town in Belgium with not that much to do… That’s simply how he got into running. At first, just to kill some time.
It quickly became addictive. From 2-3 times a week, he started to go running every day, further, faster, longer.
And that’s how he became an ultra runner.

Ultra runner? What does that even mean?
Well to put it simply, Nick recently ran for 125km.
Yes, just that.

But, the physical performance put aside, how can you even manage to run such a long distance without collapsing mentally when every step you take hurts your entire body?
That’s what I wanted to know when interviewing Nick, as that ability to push yourself further every day, every step, every meter is highly relevant to us all.
How do you find the strength within yourself to get over your pain, over your doubts. Here are a few tips our Ultra Runner, Nick, gave us.

Call a friend

A friend that is in the same journey will always be of good advice. When you are doubting, they might be your best bet to stay motivated. Also, training with a friend can be more fun, you can push each other, keep each other accountable and it makes the whole thing more enjoyable. Of course, you still need to do things for yourself, but in Nick’s opinion, sharing always brings more fun to your journey.

One step after the other

One foot after the other, aim for the closest next step. Sometimes, looking at your goal as whole can be very discouraging. That’s why looking at the one step that takes you closer to your goal might be a good idea when you feel overwhelmed. Then take the next one and keep going. That way, you’re always in motion and you avoid being paralysed in front of what seems to be a mountain to climb.

Get invested in your goal

Make it valuable for yourself. Why do you want to accomplish it? Make sure you get invested in your goal to get the best feeling out of your accomplishment. When you are feeling low, knowing exactly why you do it helps you getting back on track to reach your goal.

Be intentional

Be intentional in your training, know exactly what you want to do. It really helps you to make time for the things that are truly important and to discard the rest.

Have a structure

Have a plan to reach your goal, have some structure. Everyone can run 20km tomorrow but if you didn’t train properly it’s going to hurt. This is applicable to anything in life. If you’re not trained, you won’t walk away with the feeling that you want to do it again or to keep going.

All these little tips and tricks are helping Nick a lot in his journey and are definitely applicable to anybody who want to push their limits or achieve goals.

By pushing your limits, you keep growing.

Remember it’s all about the experience, not only about reaching the goal. So share your journey with other people, share your doubts, your wins, seek for advice and be someone else’s rock.
Not every day of your journey is going to be perfect, but be grateful for the lesson it might teach you and keep pushing…

For more details about Nick’s journey and how he pushes himself more everyday, listen to the episode 6 of our podcast.

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And of course, if you are into running and want to push yourself, to improve your performances or to train yourself for the next challenge, here is how you can get in touch with Nick.

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