What rejection really says about you

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

Rejection… that feeling that makes you feel like crap, and makes you go into an existential life crisis right away.

When that feeling hits you, you are asking yourself “who did I think I was?“, “maybe my idea is just not worth it?”, “maybe I should just give up”, or “no one will ever be interested in my idea”, “what is freaking wrong with me?”

Well, nothing is wrong with you. No-thing.

As if it wasn’t already painful like that, that question comes back in every aspect of our life. When we go on dates and get ghosted, when you send your song to radio and labels and you hear nothing but crickets, or worse, get negative criticism.

When rejection becomes fear

Feeling rejected then leads to fear. Fear of putting yourself out there, and get more rejection. It affects you to your core, and it feels so wrong.

But none of these rejections are defining your world. Don’t take it personally. It’s never about who you are.
If he didn’t call you back, it’s not because of you.
If that client didn’t accept your proposal, it’s not because of you.
If that publisher didn’t accept your book, it’s not because of you.

It was just not the right time, not the right fit, for both side.

You are unique

We can’t please everyone, we are not made for everyone. Not everyone will believe in us, because everyone is different and everyone has different needs and feelings.
The most important thing is that YOU believe in YOU and in your vision. If you do, then one day people will too.

You are unique and you will find your people. The people who believe in you, in your idea and who will actually benefit from it. They’ll get there, but you don’t expect for them to just knock on your door. You still need and have to keep pushing and put yourself out there and try. If you don’t, if you dream, hidden in your cave, then no one will ever find you.

Trust the process

All you need to do is trust the process, and you will get there. You will get to that life and impact that you have always dreamed of having.
Don’t let anyone’s opinion, perception or perspective of you and your work define the whole trajectory of your life.

Stick to your why

We all heard those stories about JK Rowling, Walt Disney or Elon Musk. What if they stopped after they had been rejected once or twice, or ten times? Well, we would never have jumped into the magical world of Harry Potter or Disney or witnessed the fantastic discoveries of Elon Musk.

They kept believing and focusing on their mission, their vision. They stuck to their why.

And that is what you need to do. Focus on the work, focus on getting better and better, focus on your vision.

Be you

We all have something inside of us that can help and inspire others. If you don’t try to put it out there because of your fear of rejection, it’s unfair to you because you’re stopping yourself from being you…

And the only purpose that’s pretty clear for all of us on this planet, it’s to be ourselves.

So… make a decision on who you want to be.

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What rejection really says about you

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