What’s your origin story?

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

We all have an origin story. Whether it started from an event in our life or a travel or something that happened and spoke to us, it lit that fire inside of us that makes us want to have an impact. It’s the case for lots of entrepreneurs.

And it is especially true when it comes to social business. 

In this episode, I am talking with Sherona, founder of Humble Sampler, about origin story and how to pursue your why to be consistent and build a sustainable business.

A bit of background

As a young girl, Sherona already knew she was going to travel when the time would come. What she didn’t know is how travelling and meeting people from every horizons would make her realize that there is not one way to describe people based on the country they come from or what age they are.

Through all the people she met along the way, she found that some people were poor for absolutely no other reasons than the world system holding them back. She found that people don’t need help, they need systems to better treat them and reward them for what they do. That’s how she ended up launching Humble Sampler.


For her, food is one of these amazing things that cuts through all nationalities, all ethnicities, all genders and it really helps to bring people together.

People aren’t being brought together enough and that creates so much othering. It leads to that belief that we aren’t the same because we don’t come from the same country, or are not the same age.

All humans

We are all humans and we have the same fears, joys, challenges… They show up in different ways but in the essence, we have a lot of similarities.

Bring everyone together

From this observation, Sherona developed that wish to bring everyone together around food, her absolute passion. She wanted to provide EVERYONE the support they need to develop their business and to reduce inequality while also allowing for people from different backgrounds and socio-economic status to come together over their shared love of food and be treated in the same dignified and capable manner.

Know your why

It always comes to the same thing : Know your Why!

To build your business, you need to base it on your experience and connect it to something that means something to you.

Having a purpose and a why allows you to keep going, whatever happens in your life. It allows you to hold you steady in tough times. Knowing why you are doing something will help you in your decision making and whether to keep going.

Having intentions and purposes can be small. And when you dig deeper on why we do things, it can be very powerful. Awareness on everything in life is very empowering and makes you feel much more in control.

Overnight success

Overnight success is NOT a thing. It takes time to build up a business and bring it wherever you want. There is a lot of learning and growth happening. Whatever happens to your business, it gives you the opportunity to learn from it and grow. Most of the time, we hear about success stories without knowing there has been 4 or 5 years building up to that success.
Along the way, your business venture can pivot or change, it will always follow the same why.

Life purpose

Our only purpose is to be true to ourselves. But then, comes the question on how to be true to ourselves, the impact and the legacy we want to leave, which relationships we want to have.

However, finding your life purpose can become dangerous : you don’t see yourself as a person. That’s a big mistake. See yourself as a person. And will realise this : as a person, your purpose is not to do. It’s to be.

How are you around other people, what kind of a person are you. That filters in on how you can run a business.


Finally, finding that balance between who you are, your identity, your why and how you are going to be able to create a healthy and sustainable business is crucial. You need to be able to look after yourself, and put your brain to sleep every now and again.

Look after yourself to do BETTER business.

Don’t put yourself last. Put yourself first, otherwise it’s not serving anyone.

Stop racing, start walking.

Entrepreneurial journey is about long term growth. Slow down, take your time to make sure you look after yourself, to grow, to learn. That’s the only way to build a sustainable business.

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