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Tuesday, July 20th, 2021

When we start in the personal brand world, when we start to put ourselves out there, we start to ask ourselves who people want us to be. And, slowly, we start to be a copy of other people we see on Instagram, Facebook or any platforms.

Showing up authentically as yourself is not just a right, it is also your duty.

You duty towards yourself, and others. Because when you show up as yourself, boldly, truly, you shine and your light is bringing people that felt like you out of their shadows!

In this episode, I just want to enlighten that being yourself is truly empowering to anyone crossing your light.

So, are you going to show up as yourself?

Be like everyone else…

Growing up, I wanted to be like everyone else, in TV, in magazines or even in my school. I knew I was different. I was a nerd, I loved learning new things, I was mix raced, I was nothing like my neighbours. So I dyed my hair, I put colour contacts, I did all crazy things to look more Caucasian, because I wanted to look like everyone else. And I was the perfect girl with the perfect boyfriend, top of the class, behaving…

But I was so freaking unhappy.

I think it’s the same in business. Being a copy of everyone else might get you lots of followers, but is it sustainable? Is it really how you want to treat your business, your brand and yourself?

or be yourself?

Be the best authentic version of yourself, be truly you, truly happy and spread your light.

When you share your vulnerability, you show them that life is not only glitter and perfect Instagram photos. You make people seen, heard, relatable.

Why would you want to be like everyone else? Life would be so boring.

Make the world a better place

I love when people are authentic, show their true selves, their struggles, their anxiety… because it makes them normal, accessible, relatable.

We all spend our time chasing happiness, but at the end of the day, it’s already within ourselves. There is no greater happiness than being yourself.

When you embrace your personal legend, you empower others to do the same. We don’t realise how every time someone steps up and shares who they really are, the world becomes such a better and more interesting place.

And it is true in business, in your personal brand and in your private life.

So, are you going to show up as yourself?

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