What are self-worth & self-identity

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021

Self-identity, self-confidence, self-worth: how can these help us be a better leader, a better entrepreneur. Why does it matter so much to do the inner work to create a sustainable business.

In this episode, I am welcoming Live, Founder and creator of “The Grateful Beginning” as well as co founder of the Happy Grateful Academy. Live helps women upgrade their self-image, set boundaries, get rid of anxiety and really change how they see themselves and their own potential.

Let’s talk about these topics and get some inspiration on how to make peace with ourselves, for the better good.

For Live, the entrepreneurial journey started with needing some answer for herself. She struggled a lot with low self-esteem and anxiety since she was a teenager. That anxiety took so much of her identity and led to a lack of self-worth towards herself.

The business came from her trying to find answers that could help her out. Therapy didn’t help her enough and she needed to find a way to help herself as well as others.

Everything we do comes from our self-image and what we think about ourselves.


Self worth is something you have, from the day you were born. This is the foundation for your growth. Your worth isn’t something you get, it’s not something you earn and it’s not something you could ever loose.

It’s something you already have as part of your personality, as part of being you. Your worth is already maxed out.

Self-worth versus value

No matter how your day goes, your worth is maxed out. The value of your work, the value of your actions, THEY can always get better. The value you add can always be increased, but your worth is a part of you.

It’s up to you to not limit yourself and live from false assumptions that what you do or what you have as anything to do with your worth. The simple fact to be a human makes you worthy.

Let’s take a very simple example :

You are working in a company that you are very valuable to. The day you decide to quit, you are not valuable to that company anymore, BUT you are not WORTH less as a person.

Self worth and identity

We build an identity based on who we believe we are and often, mistakes or experiences from the past can become a part of our identity because it was such a big part of our life.
We also build our identity based on our title, whatever it is. A mum, a sister, a daughter… if you feel like you are a bad mum because you don’t have much patience or not much time with your kids, it’s going to take the way you see your worth down even if being a mum is only a part of your identity.

This is the same in business. Seeing someone else being more successful than you might make you feel like there is something wrong with you and feel worth less. We tend to base our whole identity and self worth from other people and society.

Just realise : your worth is non negotiable. My business has nothing to do with me being worthy or not.

Be committed to keep going and detached your self-worth from your business results.


We were all born with faculties. One of those is perception. You ALWAYS have the opportunity to change your perception of yourself. You can have an image of yourself, at all time. You can CHOOSE how you want to look at situations and you get to decide if you want to view it as bad or good.

It’s the same when it comes to ourselves. You can choose to look for imperfections in yourself. Or you can choose to see what is good, what you can be grateful for, what you did good today, and really just decide that this is going to be a habit.

We make judgment and assumptions about ourselves based on what we see around us. Based on what we see, smell, taste and touch. Everything is outside of ourselves.

But if you realise that you have the faculty of perception and that you get to decide how you see things, if you learn how to use it to build your self-worth, you are going to find that what is going around you doesn’t really matter.

How to change your perception

  1. Understand that no other people can influence how you feel. Unless you let them.
  2. Self-worth journal :
    1. write down 5 things that you’re grateful for BEING. Not having.
    2. write down 5 things that you’re proud of yourself for.

Make it a habit and try to do this every day. It can be hard at the beginning. But is so effective to build self-worth.

Be proud to try, be proud to take the risk,… become your own team mate.

So, how do you want to think about yourself?

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self-worth and self-identity

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