Sync your cycle with your business and unleash your superpower

Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

In the previous episode, we talked about women’s cycle, the different phases and the symptoms of each of them.

Now that we understand the cycles, let’s see how we as women can use it.

Let’s be clear, syncing your cycle with your business, and even with your private life, will unleash your superpower.

The superpower of your cycle

  • Let’s start with the follicular phase.

It’s when you’re done bleeding, this should be a happy phase, creative phase, very productive phase.

The best thing to do during your follicular phase is to batch your content. If you are a business owner and have an Instagram page, batch your reels, all your videos… because your ideal clients will be able to feel your energy. During that phase you are going to show up high energy. This is also the ideal time for LAUNCH.

The energy you have during the follicular phase is remarkable. That’s when you should also plan networking, interviews and speaking engagement. You’re quicker to understand things as well. It’s a great time for team meetings

Then you enter your

  • Ovulatory phase.

It’s your sexy phase and brains synapses are communicating GREAT during this phase. Your testosterone levels are a bit higher as well so you are ballsier. This is your ideal time to give sales calls and for hard conversations. Your communications skills are really high, networking events can be planned in this phase too.

As you feel at your best, sexy and ballsy, this is also perfect to end launch.

  • As you head into your luteal phase

You’ve done your launch, this is when you can do the back end. All that content you’ve created during the 2 previous phases, you can now repurpose it. You can turn it into emails, into blog articles, repurposing content right and left in this phase. This is also when you can send contracts. This is the perfect phase for admin tasks.

Mind you, we’re not saying you can’t do anything else during this phase. It’s not that you aren’t capable, it’s just that it’s a little bit harder, maybe you just won’t be as quick to the punchline.

You also won’t want to socialise as much so maybe not the best time to do social engagement. Take time to slow down. Some people like writers for example like this phase as they don’t want to socialise that much, there are less things to distract them and they can get stuff done.

That’s more a time where you pay a lot of attention to details. You might be into deep cleaning and organising and just slow down. It’s a bit like the nesting before your period.

  • Period

You are a lot more sensitive during that phase. So a couple days before and during your period, don’t get into hard conversations, don’t read or answer comments on social media.

Questioning your life decisions in this phase is pretty common. If you start questioning the same things 3 periods in a raw, then maybe you should start looking at it in a different phase.

You’re also now regretting the plans you’ve made during your ovulatory phase. This is the time to reflect back on your month. What went well, what didn’t, what would you like to change. Journal it out.

The power of slowing down

Some women are stressing out about slowing down. They want to push themselves 100% of the time.
What if we tell you

You can slow down to 80% in the end of your luteal phase and your period . Give yourself some more selfcare, don’t show on camera as much, that kind of things.
That will allow you to show up at 120/150% for the rest of your cycle.

If you don’t slow down and insist in pushing through, you might just perform at 60% your whole cycle.

So what do you prefer?

Tap into this superpower. How cool is it to know which week of your cycle you’re going to be best at sales?

It’s so freeing to know why you don’t perform on certain tasks sometimes instead of getting frustrated at yourself, wondering what’s wrong with you. You can then just put that aside and focus on something else that is actually more appropriate for the phase you are in.

How do you do this?

  1. Track your cycle for one month and just observe. Write down your symptoms and notice when it’s falling in your cycle because that’s going to tell you a lot about your hormones.
  2. Look at your cycle and compare it with your work calendar. Anything that is yet to be planned, try to scheduling it in the right phase of your cycle. If there is a team meeting during your period, then you are aware that maybe you need to prepare it a bit more. Move around what you can and for what you can’t just make a mental note that you need more preparation.

It’s not how you HAVE to run your life, but it gives some insights on some changes and gives you more understanding on why you feel a certain way. It’s really your hormones level

We are not a small men. They have a 24h cycle, so every day it resets and then can just go, go, go. They respond differently. So stop trying to show up like one because you are stunting your potential.

If you understand and work with your cycle, you are breaking the glass sealing for yourself in business.

It’s like a secret weapon, why wouldn’t you want to pull that out of your arsenal ?

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Sync your cycle

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