Connection is the new currency

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

In the last 15 years, with the arrival of internet, social media, online businesses, the way we market, the way we sell, the way we connect with our customers has taken a huge turn.

If you are in the online industry, it is really important to understand how to connect with your ideal customers and how connection is the new currency.

To talk about that, we welcomed Ally in our podcast. She is a business coach and she is very specialised in understanding the connection about a customer centric design and an emotional buying journey for you to be able to create and engage with loyal customers.

A bit of background

After a few years in a corporate business strategist position, Ally started to be bored. She decided to go see her manager and had the guts to say ‘hey look, I don’t think you’re utilising me to my best abilities’

That’s when Ally started to look a bit deeper into users, their behaviours, their needs and developed systems. She was really enjoying working with datas, and numbers but after her mother passed away, Ally found it all so dehumanising, she was missing working with people. She was missing that human to human connection.

Knowing she loved working with humans, and still had a huge knowledge in marketing, business strategies, products… that was naturally that she became a business coach.

Connection is the new currency

When Ally and I met, she said to me ‘Connection is the new currency’, and it really blew my mind.

In a world of dehumanisation, between all these quarantines, the combination of all the technologies, being behind a computer and all these automations, everybody is living in fear, anxiety is through the roof, people are more sceptical than ever.

So speaking in a way that captivates and in a way that relates, dropping all the layers of Business to Business or Business to Consumers and going for Human to Human is what should be the new norm, in Ally’s opinion.

Being real, being relatable, really CONNECT with people is the key a today’s marketing.

In a pandemic era, we are all craving for real connection, to be heard and seen as humans.

With social media and internet in general, we are all ‘accessible’ and connected in a way but how do you actually differentiate your business from the hundred thousands other ones out there?

Well, connection is the key. Connections, authentic, relatable people and businesses will now make the difference. That’s what going to get people reach out to you instead of someone else because they can relate to your story, to your unique vision, to your authenticity.

Strength in vulnerability

Even your vulnerability deserves to be out there. We’ve been conditioned for so many years to associate vulnerability with weakness. But if you want to work and live authentically, it goes hand in hand. Operating genuinely, from a place of integrity, having the same intention in public, in private and in secret, even if it shows vulnerability, is what is going to differentiate you from another business with the same solution.

But how to connect?

Lots of people actually wonder how they can create connection with authenticity, while still being seen as an authority.

It all start with a lesson. Don’t just complain about a problem. Talk about a problem you had and the lesson you learnt from it. Ideally a problem that your audience can relate to, you show that you’ve been there. Show that you overcame it and lead back to what you are offering in the end that can help them to overcome it as well.

You have

  • that relatability, that vulnerability
  • the wisdom from the lesson that you are sharing

and after overcoming it, you delivered something beautiful thanks to your experience and you can create that emotional connection through your journey.

Your ideal client is actually a past version of yourself

Ideal client

Every client should be your ideal client. It’s never only a matter of getting a lot of clients. It’s a matter of getting the right ones.
To be able to create a real connection and a real impact, the clients you are working with should be a good fit. Both ways.

Strategy is a roadmap

Of course, strategies are important, of course you need it. Of course you probably need to stick to it when you start. But as you go and gain in experience, there is probably a way to do it that’s going to feel better for you.

Find what’s in flow

Finding what is really in flow for you to create that connection. Some people prefer videos, or their voice or maybe just write.

Find the way that feels the best for you and be mindful of the walls of resistence.

Connection is the new currency, balance is the key.

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Connection is the new currency

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