What is Human Design and how to use it in business

Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

What is Human Design, or like they say HD? And how can you use it in business? That’s what we talked about in episode 18 of the No-Fluff Society Podcast with our guest Amanda King.
She created the Fierce As F*ck brand in 2019 and having different beliefs from other coaches out there, she became a 6-figure business coach in 11- months. Once she saw what she was able to do, she knew she needed to help women to step out of their fear and into 6 to 7 figure sales.

Out of the box

What I loved about Amanda’s approach was that she was really different from the other HD coach. Her vision is so fresh and raw and she has SO MUCH energy.
The first main difference with Amanda is your HD profile doesn’t equals a label. You can still think out of the box. Why would you have put so much energy leaving the corporate world to create your own business and basically go from a box to another, just to do what your HD profile says you should do.

When you discover Human Design, everything makes more sense. You get to understand so much about yourself and that you did well to listen to your soul.

What is Human Design?

Human design is a combination of 5 different modalities :

  • Astrology
  • Quantum physics
  • Kabbalah
  • I’Ching
  • Chakra System

It is spiritually based but there is also a scientific base. It was developed in 1987 but it didn’t become mainstream until 2019.

5 different types of HD, in short:

  • Manifestors: are happiest when on their own, solving problems and making a difference. Thrive from energy of other types and find balance from their support.
  • Generators : designed to build. Known to be energetic, eager to respond to problems and challenges
  • Manifesting Generators : this type holds both manifestor and generator’s characteristics. Find joy in trying new things and squeezing the most of life.
  • Projectors : must use their energy wisely to live in alignment, or else they’re at risk of burnout.
  • Reflectors : rarest of all human design types. Very attuned to the world around them. Quickly pick up on the quality of energy they come in contact with.

The world probably had a shift in consciousness and HD became mainstream just recently. It really popped off last year, with the pandemic and everyone stuck at home and being forced into this new normal.

There is 5 energy types in the entire normal, each of them brings their own power, their own uniqueness and finesse to the collective, when the world was trying to get us to act as one being, when we are not.

5 different energy types, 9 centres in your HD chart, 34 channels and 64 gates. It sounds overwhelming and it goes even deeper.

If you are starting to learn human design, start with your energy type.

How do you use it in business?

  • Your HD is different from your business HD : You as an individual have your human design. You as a business have another human design. We tend to treat us and our business as one entity. We are not. We are not our businesses, even though we love them. When you come together, you create a human design that sometimes is not your own. When you step into your business, you may have access to energy that you normally do not have in your HD.

Use both these energies to empower yourself.

  • Gives you permission slip to quit : HD allows you to understand that if something isn’t your passion, doesn’t allow you to have a work/life balance, doesn’t feel in alignment with you,… you CAN quit. You can say STOP and move away and forward.
  • Use HD to delegate and recruit : manifestors are visionaries, initiate the action and then step onto the next project and get everyone else to do the work for them. Manifestors know where they are going, they don’t know how. They turn to generators and mani-gens : make it work. Projectors : I need you to manage, I need to build the systems that are going to get me there faster. They then walk away and move on to the next project. HD allows you to know where to hire, with a small business chart. You can put your team together on a chart and see where you need to fill space.
  • Communication : HD is an amazing tool to communicate efficiently, to manage conflict resolution. It is really interesting to use HD to make sure you are on the same page and see the strong area that you can lead your team into.

Human Design is an amazingly vast tool.

It has to be taught a way that will resonate with people and need to be put into actions, which is Amanda’s absolute goal.

Human Design is not going to give you the answer you need. It will help you reconnect with yourself and will help you realise you are not broken, you just need to listen to yourself.

Don’t try to solve a problem with HD. When the problem is you, the solution is you. When you understand that, you can use it as a tool to heal yourself.

With HD, make sure it’s authentic. Use it to feel better, not to make money.

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If you want to learn more about it, reach out to Amanda. You will be blown away by her passion and energy.

Human design in business

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