How to achieve long lasting health transformation

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021

The foundation in everything in life, is health. Mental and physical. Without it, it’s hard to grow on stable ground.

We hear so many options to build a good health which is very often associated with weight loss. We try magic pills and diets to reach our goals. But to me, health isn’t just about a number on a scale. Physical health sometimes has to do with mental health. You might have to FEEL good, to be able to LOOK good.

And whatever you do, it should never be a quick fix.

In episode 19 of the No Fluff Society podcast, I talked about long lasting health transformation with Tais Sardinas. Her story is very inspiring and was the starting point for her business.

Bit of background

At the age of 13, Tais was a young girl full of complexes about her body. She was overweight and very self conscious. She was from Bolivia and had this dire need to escape. She decided to go to France with a language learning program for 12 months.

She was hosted by a French family there that she considers as a gift of the universe. They accepted her for who she was and what she looked like. That allowed her to accept herself and, overtime, she started to take care of herself.

She started to educate herself about nutrition. Over 12 months, Tais transformed herself. Not only physically as she had lost so much weight, but also mentally. She felt good in her mind, became social. No one could recognise her when she returned to Bolivia.

Quick fix

Whatever you do, you should never be after a quick fix. Why? Because it never lasts.
Also, you can loose weight very quickly but still feel unhappy. It’s not all about less kilos on the scale.

Weight shouldn’t be a measurement of how healthy you are. You need to understand how your body works to be able to initiate a lasting transformation.

Lots of people eat food they are intolerant to without even acknowledging it and by doing so, they are creating inflammation in their body that can even lead to auto immune disease.

It all starts in your mind

First, look at your mind. If you think that changing the way you look is going to change the way you feel, you really need to look at it the other way around.

When you feel good in your mind, when you fix your health, the way you look generally follows.

Achieve long lasting transformation

#1 LOOK AT YOUR MIND. It all starts in your mind. You have to look at your beliefs system and the thoughts you have about yourself and your identity. It all starts with how you think and also opening your mind to other things, because you never learnt how to cook so that’s why you don’t like it. Maybe you should give a chance to those things you think you don’t like and try them differently.
Identify who you want to be and then visualise what your ideal life would look like, what the ideal you would do to achieve their goals. How the ideal version of yourself think, what they do to feel good,… Embody who you want to be.

#2 KNOW HOW TO COOK. Get the connection with the food you put in your body. Learn how to cook and what your body actually needs. Not the body of your friend or the body of that influencer on Instagram needs, but what YOURS need. We are all different and we do need to know ourselves to be able to work on it and challenge it.


Why would you choose to have a temporary transformation when you can achieve a long lasting transformation in your health and learn to accept yourself and love yourself?

Initiate the change and feel the inner peace.

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If you need someone to guide you in that process, reach out to Tais.

Achieve long lasting health transformation

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