How to balance relationship & entrepreneurship

Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

When we get into business, a lot of things change. When we step up into the entrepreneurial world, a lot of things change within ourselves but also with the people in our life. Our partner, our friends, our family… not everyone is going to understand what we are going through or understand why we are going through it.

To help us understand why and how to deal with it, I interviewed Misha, relationship coach.

There is a lot going on around business and relationship, lots of things that we hear and lots of things we are afraid to talk about.

Misha is a relationship coach, she works with women who are unhappy in their relationships and help them to either work on it or accept that that relationship isn’t for them.

Relationships aren’t easy

Nowadays, with Instagram and Facebook and all the social networks, we tend to be exposed to so many ‘perfect relationships’. People only share the great times or what looks like a great time on photos. This makes it hard to know what’s normal and can make you feel like some relationships are easy and perfect.

But relationships are hard and you will always face difficulties. The question is, can you overcome it, do you want to overcome it.

A lot of women are afraid to talk about the difficulties in their relationship because when it’s going to be good again, people won’t understand why they didn’t end the relationship.

It can be hard and lonely.

We need to normalise that relationships are different. They don’t have to be what you think they have to look like.

You are not the only one

People get embarrassed, they think that there is something wrong with them. We carry the shame when we feel like our relationship isn’t working.

Everybody has a messy side. There is no perfect relationship.


When you are an entrepreneur, you tend to feel like every spare minute should be dedicated to your business. Misha and her husband both had a 9 to 5 job before she launched her business. That was very hard for their relationship because, having 2 children, she sacrificed her time with her husband to work on her business.

That has been a big lesson for her when she understood that you have as much time as you choose to have. You don’t have to work on your business 10 hours a day. You can, but you don’t have to.

You need to prioritise and see what is important for your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your relationship.

They don’t have to get it

Your husband, your partner doesn’t have to be the person who understands your business. He is your husband, he might be the father of your children and be very good at that. He doesn’t have to also validate your business venture.

The whole entrepreneurship journey is hard to understand for some people, who just don’t have that mind set. And it’s ok. That’s why you have coaches, that’s why you make connections and just keep it separate from your friends and family.

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If you need help to bring some clarity to your relationship, reach out to Misha. Here is how

how to balance relationship and entrepreneurship with Misha Khona

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