Enhance your performance with a plant-based diet

Wednesday, September 29th, 2021

Don’t we all want to feel energised and our body to perform at its best? Whether you are vegetarian/vegan or not, you might be interested in knowing how a plant-based diet can actually help you enhance your physical performance.

In this episode, I am interviewing Jayden Ordner, Nutrition science and dietetics student, to take us through the benefits of a plant-based diet. 

A bit of background

Jayden Ordner wasn’t born in a giant broccoli. Like most of us, he grew up eating meat and animal products daily. He was a massive fan of big hamburgers and wasn’t interested in nutrition.

Until he started dating a vegan girl. At the time, he tried his best to convince her veganism was silly… until he understood none of his arguments made sense and he was completely wrong. He started to be very intrigued in all nutrition aspects, researching, listening to podcasts… and ended up studying nutrition science and dietetics.

Plant-based athlete

Being an athlete, Jayden loves to run long distances and climb mountains. When some people could think you can’t be vegan/plant-based and still be strong, Jayden actually found it was the opposite.

He found that his body was recovering better after running half marathon, his training was feeling better. He was feeling himself correctly because he was eating more carbohydrates.
Most importantly, the energy he had from when he woke up until he went to bed was amazing.

And that’s what you would hear from most people that are on a plant based diet. There are so much more energised and then can feel the difference very obviously.


Can plant-based diet can support you to be healthy? Yes, proteins are extremely important to have energy and to perform and for your muscles to recover. BUT no, proteins aren’t only found in animal products. There are actually a lot of other way to intake proteins than animal products.


In my opinion, if you choose to get rid of all animal products but sometimes crave a bit of cheese… just go for it.

What I have found and that Jayden experienced too is that your taste buds change overtime. We both have been vegetarian for years and years now and when we started our vegetarian journey, we both experienced that craving : GIVE ME A CHEESE BURGER.

What happened when we actually fulfilled that craving? Couldn’t have more than one bite. The taste was actually revolting and it just confirmed our choice to just get rid of animal products.

Be aligned

Finally, one of the best outcome of being plant based for Jayden is that he feels so much more aligned with his values. This is a bit of an unspoken benefit but as great importance and impact on our life.

Bigger than you

At the end of the day, what is crucial to acknowledge is that this is all bigger than you. This choice to stop consuming animal products isn’t only about yourself. Of course it’s very beneficial for your health.

But really, it is bigger than that. The environment, the animals, there is so much more involved. When you make choices consciously and know why, it makes it easy to follow your values.

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If you are interested in plant based diets and nutrition, follow Jayden Ordner on Instagram. His account is full of scientific information, and he has a talent to make it understandable for everyone.

Enhance your performance with plant based diet

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