ready to own your superpower, and build that life you always dreamt of?


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in your business

More than clients... 
We become partners, Friends.

I believe that every collaboration is a collaboration of our soul purpose, 
where both parties are willing to be challenged, take ownership, and grow together towards your goal.

wondering if I am the right fit for you?

Book a virtual
coffee call with me

Get your fav drink and 

wondering if I am the right fit for you?

Book a virtual
coffee call with me

Get your fav drink and 

You need someone to bounce off ideas to in order to get clarity.
Let's talk! 

This is for you if you need help with 


You have a goal in mind, but don't know where to start, nor how to get there. 
Let's create a strategy! 


You feel overwhelmed and need someone to keep you accountable, to finally get your project going.
Let's make it happen!


You have a plan, but can't seem to juggle between all your hats. 
I can help you manage & implement. 
Let's do it! 


Client's voice

The motivation only grew throughout our call :-)
You refocus me on the fact that whatever happens what seems to drive me is the event field!
But also towards which step, I have to start to get there! and put everything in place!

Emmanuelle, Belgium.

Thanks to you I finally know what I want to do and I have already made progress on a lot of subjects!
After our call:
Motivation level 10/10
Level of clarity 09/10 before it was 04/10

Soumaya, France

Being stucked at home having to learn how to promote online rather than words of month and network (...)
You helped me with Website visual and organisation, social media, visual of the brand and how to deliver clear value and offer of the brand, honest feedback on what was already in place. 
After our call, I felt :
Great, clear, knowing what areas to improve in priority and how.

Fabien, Australia

If I didn't have you, I have to be honest I wouldn't have done it <3 
I owe you so much
I have never had anybody who gets me but is also super tough and keeps me accountable (takes no shit)

Vanja, Australia

Invaluable, the help you give me. Just amazing what you allow me to reveal in myself. Every entrepreneur should have a Laetitia in his life

Caroline, Spain


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Let's talk

is my fav place!


Bonjour les Amis! 
I'm Laetitia. 
I’m a branding & digital marketing expert, ex-fashion photographer, serial-entrepreneur, driven high achiever, self-care activist, spiritual being, bi-racial kid, Parisian blood, frequent flyer, magic hot cocoa concoctioner and rice paper roll guru.
I am all of that and more and so are you!
I am here to help you create a life that is aligned with who you truly are.